Historic Advisory Board

Kevin T. BARKSDALE,   Marshall University
Stephen W. BERRY II, University of Georgia
Keith S. BOHANNON, West Georgia State University
Peter S. CARMICHAEL, West Virginia University
Thomas W. CUTRER, Arizona State University
William C. DAVIS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
William W. FREEHLING, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities
Gary W. GALLAGHER, University of Virginia
Lesley Jill GORDON, University of Akron
A. Wilson GREENE, Petersburg, Virginia
Clark B. HALL, Fairfax, Virginia
Earl J. HESS, Lincoln Memorial University
Caroline E. JANNEY, Purdue University
Robert E. L. KRICK, Richmond, Virginia
Susanna Michele LEE, North Carolina State University
William A. LINK, University of Florida
Thomas A. MCGRATH, North Country College
James M. MCPHERSON, Princeton University
Frank A. O’REILLY, Fredericksburg, Virginia
George C. RABLE, University of Alabama
Gordon C. RHEA, Charleston South Carolina
Susannah J. URAL, University of Southern Mississippi
Joan WAUGH, University of California, Los Angeles

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