Listed in the National Register of Historic Places

April 4, 2023

The SBPA receives congratulations on the listing of the Osbourn Farm to the National Register of Historic Places

In early May, the SBPA received letters of congratulation from Patricia Rucker, WV Senate, and Susan Pierce, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer, WV Department of Arts, Culture and History, informing us that the historic James Osbourn Farm was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on April 4, 2023. Both letters similarly stated, ‘This designation identifies your property’s significant contribution to the history of West Virginia. Congratulations on the honor.’

Yes, Battlefield Supporters we are doing it! Step by step by step we are working together, year after year, to preserve the Battle of Shepherdstown. This is an incredible honor that we have helped make happen by our continued efforts! Every SBPA member and Battlefield Supporter should be congratulated and be immensely proud of this formal recognition that the Osbourne Farm will be forever preserved as the site of the Battle. Congratulations and a HUGE thank you go to John Demer and Martin Burke at the Jefferson County Historic Landmarks Commission for their tireless efforts on behalf of the Battlefield and who submitted the National Register application. Thanks also to the Land Trust of the Eastern Panhandle, the Jefferson County Farmland Protection Program, and neighbors and supporters of the Battlefield.

The SBPA gratefully welcomes this recognition. Battlefield supporters can be very proud of our achievements to protect, maintain and improve this incredible and historic site in Jefferson County, WV along the Potomac River. This was a Civil War conflict catalyzed by geography- a wide river ford that had been used for 15,000 years by Native Americans, 250 years by settlers on the Wilderness Trail, decades by industries such as the C&O Canal and the Boteler Cement Mill, and then by the retreating Confederate Army on September 18 after the Battle of Antietam. Union Army pursuit made the Battle of Shepherdstown unavoidable on September 19 – 20, 1862. Even though a victory for A.P. Hill’s Confederate troops, the fight ended Robert E. Lee’s hopes of re-crossing the Potomac and continuing his Maryland campaign. The Battle remains the bloodiest battle to take place in the future state of West Virginia and offered Lincoln the opportunity of issuing the Emancipation Proclamation.

Thank you to WV Senator Rucker and Deputy Pierce for these valued Letters of Congratulations and for your continued support of our efforts to preserve the Battlefield!