“Thank You” Notes

Thank you to SBPA Board member Terry Lindsay for a donation of 3 books about the Battle of the Monocacy.  The books were used by the NPS during Lindsay’s work on the design and installation of informative panels about the battle in the Monocacy Battlefield.

The battle was initiated by Jubal Early when his force passed thru Shepherdstown and crossed the Potomac at Packhorse Ford.  His goal was to attack Washington, D.C., culminating in the Battle of the Monocacy on July 9, 1864.

The books will add to the SBPA’s growing library of books directly relevant to Shepherdstown, the Packhorse Ford, and the Battle of Shepherdstown.  The books are available for reading by contacting Mike Nickerson.

Thank you to SBPA Corporate Sponsor, Neil Super of Two River Turnings, a longtime supporter of the Battlefield.  Neil donated a ‘Shepherdstown Battlefield’ engraved pen made from a naturally downed walnut tree burl from the core of the Battlefield.

This invaluable pen will be donated by the SBPA to a Battlefield donor as a Holiday gift.